Our Fundamental Beliefs

We Believe:

  • Our role is to serve our customers.
  • All questions can be answered.
  • Knowledge is the foothold of success.
  • Success comes from the committed use of market research.

About Us

Lifestory Research is a trusted national independent market research firm. We are an advisor to leading local, regional, national, and international real estate companies; financial institutions; energy utilities, product manufactures and organizations serving customers in their homes. We provide timely analysis that allows our clients to make informed decisions. Our research is backed by in-depth consumer and market intelligence that drives confident business decisions.

At Lifestory Research, we find people absolutely fascinating. What motivates them? What drives their decision-making process? To answer these questions, we take the latest discoveries in psychology, neuroscience, sociology and behavioral economics, and turn them into insights that help our clients better understand and predict consumer behavior.

To put it simply, our promise is to deliver business changing results powered by market research expertise, industry specific knowledge, and a spirit of innovation.

Our Core Values

Our core values reflect what is truly important to us as an organization. These are not values that change from time to time, situation to situation, or person to person, but rather they are the underpinning of our company culture.

Ethical conduct and social responsibility characterize our way of doing business. We are honest and trustworthy. We do the right thing for our employees, our clients, and society as a whole—even when faced with professional risks or economic pressures.
Courage is the willingness to challenge hierarchy, accepted practices, and conventional wisdom. Courage includes absolute honesty and acting resolutely on our beliefs. It means standing by our convictions.
Our clients’ needs drive our business. We are relentless about delivering on our promise to our customers. Our success comes only with their success. We continuously seek to better understand our clients’ needs, improve all aspect


Our Leadership

Dr. Snider is a recognized expert in the study of consumer research on the topic of home, and is the President of Lifestory Research. Dr. Snider has more than 25 years of experience in analyzing and valuing real estate development opportunities throughout the United States. During his career, Dr. Snider was the National Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Shea Homes (10 years) and Pulte Homes (4 years) where he led research efforts on site identification, product development, and community design. As part of his home building experience, Dr. Snider spent over a decade working in active adult master plan design and development which included the creation and growth of the Trilogy brand for Shea Homes. Dr. Snider earned his B.S., M.A., and Ph.D. from Arizona State University.
Mr. Zimney has performed research on the topic of home for more than 40 years. Mr. Zimney has a master’s degree from Columbia University and completed doctoral studies at New York University in Industrial Psychology. Mr. Zimney has held prestigious positions in some of the most admired national research organizations, including Yankelovich where he was responsible for all custom research for over a decade.
Dr. Lewis has more than 25 years of consumer research experience and is a recognized expert in communication processes involved in implementing organizational change. Dr. Lewis earned her doctoral degree in Communication from the University of California at Santa Barbara. She’s held faculty positions at The Pennsylvania State University and The University of Texas at Austin. She is concurrently a Professor in the Rutgers School of Communication, Information, and Library Studies.
Dr. Scott is a recognized expert in communication and technology, and has more than 25 years of consumer research experience. Dr. Scott earned his doctoral degree in Communication from Arizona State University. Dr. Scott has held faculty positions at The University of Texas at Austin and the University of South Alabama. He is concurrently a Professor in the Rutgers School of Communication, Information, and Library Studies.


Dr. Eric Snider, President of Lifestory

Our Focus

Our firm supports companies from several different industries, but we have a specific expertise that is called upon by organizations seeking to understand consumer decisions related to their current or future home.

Our team is made up of individuals that come from the home building industry, where they spent decades performing consumer research on the “inside” for big builders. We understand the complex nature of the home building business model as well as the psychology of home buyers. We draw upon this knowledge and experience with assignments we perform within the “home” market.

As a leading independent real estate consumer research firm in the nation, we provide end-to-end research and implementation solutions at an entity, portfolio, or project level. Our expertise in understanding “home” helps our clients understand the diverse opportunities presented in this industry segment. We have the ability to uncover the demand among consumers and the conditions of the competitive marketplace by employing analytic tools and processes that will lead to sound financial decisions.

Our Clients: