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Project Description

A major developer commissioned Lifestory Research to investigate the merits of an age qualified community to be included within the boundaries of a master plan community. The question under consideration was the value and risks with placing all the amenities for the master plan community, including the active adult amenities, in a central core location. The engagement examined the preferred location of the active adult amenities based upon feedback of both active adult shoppers as well as traditional master plan shoppers.

Research Services

To answer the core question Lifestory Research undertook a multi phased research program that began with a phone survey among 1000 consumers planning to move in the area. The phone survey provided a base understanding of different consumer segment preferences. Following the phone survey, Lifestory Research performed a series of research clinics. A research clinic included a series of 3 groups each with 75 participants in each group. The clinics occurred in a large scale focus group environment combined with a quantitative data collection approach of using hand held meters used to capture responses to specific survey questions.


The research provide conclusive direction for the client considering the merits of including an age qualified community within the master planned community. The research also gave the client a clear direction as to the ideal location as to where the amenities for the age qualified and the traditional master plan customers should be located.

Project Details

Amenity Assessment for Master Planned Community
Orange County, California