Our Expertise in Energy Services

Residential consumers and businesses have different needs and measuring and understanding those specific requirements is vital to ensuring success in the energy sector. Our energy and utility industry research solutions provide clients with consumer understanding, enhanced insight into critical business drivers, and measures that provide information as to what drives growth and profitability.

We take a “business first” approach that aligns research strategy with your internal goals, creating clear portraits of your target customers. Our tools for unlocking attitudinal & behavioral patterns drives business solutions grounded in customer needs. We work in real-world choices that customers have to make –so your business decisions can reflect those trade-offs. As your trusted research partner, we use our strength in understanding people to ensure new product and service development that adheres closely to customer needs. Our work spans marketing, product, service, and system innovation for our energy clients.


  • Customer Loyalty & Satisfaction
  • Marketing and Advertising Testing
  • Brand Valuation and Assessment
  • Employee Satisfaction/Commitment/Engagement
  • Corporate Reputation
  • B2B/B2C Customer Research
  • Concept Testing
  • Advertising/BrandTracking
  • Energy Reduction Research
  • Energy Reduction Research
  • Consumer Segmentation
  • Sustainability/Energy Efficiency Studies

Sectors Served

  • Electric Utilities
  • Natural Gas Utilities
  • Product Manufactures
  • Municipal and Government Oversight
  • Federal & State Government
  • Non Profit Organizations
  • Marketing Firms
  • Building Products
  • Certification Organizations

Case Studies

Business Advertising Tracker
Multi State Study

A large gas and electric company with operations in multiple states commissioned Lifestory Research to perform an on-going advertising tracker among large scale business customers. To participate in the study, customers were required to be senior executives in companies and part of their job duties was to make energy decisions. The tracker monitored awareness of advertising across multiple media channels as well as across the different markets included in the study.


Sustainability Program Evaluation
Statewide Study

A Governor’s Energy Office was developing an advertising campaign based on the idea of characterizing the state citizens in a positive frame of reference when they enacted certain sustainability behaviors. The idea of the campaign was to challenge residents to become more involved in their energy conservation efforts at home and at work by taking action to save money, to save energy, and to save the planet. Lifestory Research was engaged to evaluate the merits and likely success of the campaign among the target audiences.


Message Testing Study
Electric Utility Market Area

An advertising agency working on behalf of a large electric utility engaged Lifestory Research to investigate the merits of certain messages to be used in a marketing campaign. The question under consideration was the value and risks with employing certain messages within the context of the marketing campaign. The engagement examined the effectiveness of each message under consideration.