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Project Description

A large gas and electric company with operations in multiple states commissioned Lifestory Research to perform an on-going advertising tracker among large scale business customers. To participate in the study, customers were required to be senior executives in companies and part of their job duties was to make energy decisions. The tracker monitored awareness of advertising across multiple media channels as well as across the different markets included in the study.

Research Services

Lifestory Research established a master survey in which core questions were asked across time as well as across markets. The survey also included display of print advertising, click and play radio and television spots, and outdoor media executions. The survey was programmed to display the appropriate media based upon market. The results for the tracker were reported on a predetermined schedule over the course of the multi year assignment. The report detailed results by time and market allowing for a longitudinal monitoring of trends.


The research provide the client and their marketing agency with timely insights as to the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. The client used the research to adjust media strategy and fine-tune media spend of certain campaigns. The client also used the insight to determine adjustments in media concept and campaign executions.

Project Details

Business Advertising Tracker

Multi State Electric Utility

Multi State Study