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Project Description

An advertising agency working on behalf of a large electric utility engaged Lifestory Research to investigate the merits of certain messages to be used in a marketing campaign. The question under consideration was the value and risks with employing certain messages within the context of the marketing campaign. The engagement examined the effectiveness of each message under consideration.

Research Services

Lifestory Research performed an online survey among 1200 customers of the electric utility client. The survey was programed to randomly assign consumers to different message exposure conditions and to collect the responses to each message. The survey also included measures to capture an understanding as to how the participants evaluated the brand character of the utility. Lifestory Research implemented advance statistical modeling to evaluate the opinions of participants in the study.


The research provide decisive insight for the client considering the merits of adopting certain message features in the marketing campaign. The study found that the message evaluation was significantly influenced by consumers perceptions of the character of the brand. Namely, we identified a single brand attribute that caused customers to evaluate all the tested messages as to the validity of the message claim. As a result, the client adjusted the marketing campaign to focus more on the core brand attribute as well as include the messages identified as having the most impact on customer perceptions.

Project Details

Message Testing Study

Advertising Agency

Electric Utility Market Area