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Project Description

A Governor’s Energy Office was developing an advertising campaign based on the idea of characterizing the state citizens in a positive frame of reference when they enacted certain sustainability behaviors. The idea of the campaign was to challenge residents to become more involved in their energy conservation efforts at home and at work by taking action to save money, to save energy, and to save the planet. Lifestory Research was engaged to evaluate the merits and likely success of the campaign among the target audiences.

Research Services

To address the key concepts in the study Lifestory Research undertook an online survey that collected opinions from residents across the state that was the focus of the investigation. The survey asked participants to respond to different messaging and advertising concepts. The survey also used proprietary models used to assess the likelihood of influence of the campaign.


The research provide conclusive direction for the client considering the merits of adopting a marketing campaign aimed at invoking conservations behaviors. Among the concepts tested, we were able to identify the campaign that had the greatest probability of generating the desired behavior change.

Project Details

Sustainability Program Evaluation

State Governor’s Office

Statewide Study