Our Expertise in Home Building

We understand the complex nature of the home building business model as well as the psychology of home buyers. We draw upon this knowledge and experience with assignments we perform within the new home building market. As a leading independent real estate consumer research firm in the nation, we provide end-to-end research and implementation solutions at an entity, portfolio, or project level.

Lifestory Research delivers research answers to home builders seeking to determine product potential, detect consumer segments, forecast price and product positions, and evolve profitable business solutions. Our work in home building is as diverse as the many consumer segments being served by home builders.


  • Product Development and Demand Assessment
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Employee Satisfaction/Commitment/Engagement
  • Prospect/Guest Shopping Experience
  • Rejecter Studies
  • Sales Staff and Process Audits
  • Project & Product Feasibility
  • Consumer Segmentation and Optimization
  • Product Segmentation and Optimization
  • Marketing and Advertising Testing
  • Brand Valuation and Assessment
  • Sales Staff Skill Capability Evaluation

Consumer Segments

  • Age Qualified/Active Adult
  • Move Up/ Down
  • First Time
  • Baby Boomers
  • Generation X
  • Millennials
  • Luxury
  • Affordable
  • Senior/Assisted Living
  • Mature/Young Families
  • Singles
  • Couples No Kids

Case Studies


Floorplan Assessment for Subdivision Community
Las Vegas, Nevada

A regional home builder hired Lifestory Research to identified the reasons behind the poor performance of sales at several different locations within the Las Vegas market. Specifically, we were engaged to assess the perceptions of the floor plans offered at the locations and determine product improvements that could be made in order to increase sales performance.

Demand Modeling for Master Planned Community
Northeast Virginia

Lifestory Research was engaged to identify the probable success of different house product in a masterplan community located in Virginia. The community was located in an unproven market area and the developer wanted to determine the risk associated to different product executions at the location. The engagement examined the preferred house product among moving consumers. In addition, the study examined the price preferences of those that were likely buyers at the subject location.

Prospect Satisfaction/Rejecter Study
National Portfolio Study

A national home builder commissioned Lifestory Research to investigate the sales experience of customers at all of their communities. The aim of the study was to identify customers interactions with sales staff as well to measure the barriers preventing a purchase decision. Finally, the study assessed the reasons consumers were rejecting the purchase of homes they had considered when visiting the builder’s communities.