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Project Description

A regional home builder hired Lifestory Research to identified the reasons behind the poor performance of sales at several different locations within the Las Vegas market. Specifically, we were engaged to assess the perceptions of the floor plans offered at the locations and determine product improvements that could be made in order to increase sales performance.

Research Services

Lifestory Research performed an online survey among prospects that had visited the communities but did not purchase a home. The survey was designed to visually show the floorplans and allow prospects to interact and evaluate the plans. Among the tools used in this study were heat maps used to reveal both positive and negative evaluations of a plan. Prospects also completed different measures to capture their evaluations of the plans.


The research provide decisive direction for the client regarding the problematic issues for each plan. The results gave the client clear insight as to why prospects were rejecting the purchase of the plans. Namely, the plans were not being rejected as a result of pricing concerns, instead, the results revealed that certain spaces in the plan were significantly smaller than prospects expected and needed to fit their lifestyle considerations.

Project Details

Floorplan Assessment for Subdivision Community
Regional Home Builder
Las Vegas, Nevada