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Project Description

A national home builder commissioned Lifestory Research to investigate the sales experience of customers at all of their communities. The aim of the study was to identify customers interactions with sales staff as well to measure the barriers preventing a purchase decision. Finally, the study assessed the reasons consumers were rejecting the purchase of homes they had considered when visiting the builder’s communities.

Research Services

Lifestory Research performed an online survey among prospects that had visited the communities of the national builder. The survey measured perceptions of the sales staff, evaluations of the homes offered, and macro measures concerning the economy and the housing market.


The research provide the home builder with many different vantage points to evaluate prospect experiences and perceptions. Included in the deliverables was a ranking of sales people based upon the reported encounter of each prospect. Moreover, the builder was provided with strategic insight has to global and project specific barriers to purchase. The client reported that the insight allowed them to make staffing decisions as well as significant changes in sales processes as a result of the research.

Project Details

Prospect Satisfaction/Rejecter Study
National Home Builder
National Portfolio Study