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Project Description

A major national kitchen appliance manufacture engaged Lifestory Research to investigate brand perceptions among new home shoppers. The client wished to understand how their brand was evaluated along a variety of product attributes compared to the other major competitors. The engagement examined brand awareness, perceptions of key features, brand benefits, and negative perceptions.

Research Services

To answer the core questions Lifestory Research undertook an online survey of 2,400 new home shoppers (people actively searching for a new home). The survey was designed to measure the evaluation of 23 different kitchen appliance brand manufactures. Each brand was independently evaluated across 10 key criteria and then consumers made purchase impact evaluations across all of the brands assessed.


The research provide the client with a detailed understanding as to how new home shoppers value the different kitchen appliance brands. The study identified those features that were seen as strengths and weaknesses of all 23 brands examined. The investigation also isolated the value impact that the kitchen appliance brand has upon the total new home purchase decision.

Project Details

Brand Evaluation Study

National Kitchen Appliance Manufacture

National Study