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Project Description

A major household product brand commissioned Lifestory Research to investigate purchase impact of different packaging graphic executions.The question under consideration was the value and risks with adopting a new graphic packaging approach after years of having the same visual packaging. Simultaneously, we investigated how the packaging solutions, in a competitive context of a store shelf, influenced the purchase judgments and decisions.

Research Services

To assess the packaging, an online survey was performed in which multiple versions of the product packaging were tested independently as well as within a store shelf context. We tested for impulse purchase intent; recall, engagement; identification; visual element playback; competitive imagery; intent to purchase; likeability; and impact of price.


The research provide conclusive direction for the client as to the value of a specific graphic execution on consumer purchase behavior. When assessing the execution in isolation from other competing choices, as well as when evaluated in a store shelf context, one specific packaging solution was significantly more influential than all of the other graphic executions assessed.

Project Details

Packaging Study

National Household Product Brand

Multi State Study