Project Description

An international sports organization was seeking to use a consumer segmentation strategy to improve their competitive position and better serve the needs of their constituents. Lifestory Research was contracted to help the client to more effectively understand those people that make donations to the organization. In order to achieve the research objectives for this project, Lifestory Research performed an analysis of donors to gain a deeper understanding as to the intrinsic value and benefit they receive by making a donation. In turn, we assisted the client in designing outreach programs that had a significant impact on donation amounts and rates.

Research Services

We performed a study in which Lifestory Research performed in-depth interviews, focus groups, and a quantitative analysis to identify donor motivations. This work also identified certain key messages and images that would likely produce a greater commitment and donation amount.


The research provide direction for the client as how to craft and deliver messages that would impact the decision of donors. Upon executing the strategy, the client reported a marked increase in donation amounts as well as repeat donor rates.

Project Details


Donation Participation Study


An international sports organization


National Study