Project Description

A US based theme park commissioned Lifestory Research to investigate the experience of visiting guests. The goal of the study was to identify guest interactions with staff as well to measure the factors acting as a facilitator or a barrier to making a return visit to the park. The study examined the reasons guests were rejecting the likelihood of making a repeat visit as well as features that would enhance the potential to return in the near future.

Research Services

Lifestory Research performed an online survey among prospects that had visited the theme park of the client. The survey measured perceptions of the guest experience, the performance on onsite staff, and measures impacting future visit considerations.


The research provide the client with clear insight as the guest experience and perceptions. Included in the deliverables was a ranking of actions that would impact the likelihood of a return visit by the guest in the future. Moreover, the client was provided with strategic insight has to specific barriers to return visitation. The client reported that the insight allowed them to make staffing decisions as well as follow up strategies aimed at repeat visitation.

Project Details


Visitor Experience Study


A US based theme park


National Study