Alabama Power ranks highest in trust among large residential electric utilities according to Lifestory Research 2015 America’s Most Trusted Electric Utility Study released today.

The study, in its inaugural year of measuring the largest electric utilities in the United States, examines trust among residential customers. In addition, the study examines how customers view the electric utility among several different brand measures that reveal the sentiment of customers toward their electric utility.

“Trust is the new measure by which consumers evaluate the companies that serve them,” said Lifestory Research President and CEO Eric Snider. “Electric companies have recognized the importance of gaining the trust of those that are relying upon the services provided to residential customers.  While satisfaction remains important among customers, we find that trust is critical in how customers view the integrity of the electric utility brand.”

The Lifestory Research America’s Most Trusted Residential Electric Utility Study tracks the largest residential electric utilities in the United States.  To qualify for inclusion in the national ranking of the Lifestory Research 2015 America’s Most Trusted Residential Electric Utility Study, electric utilities had to be among the top 40 utilities based on the number of consumers they serve.  Participants in the study were those that lived in the markets of the utilities and identified that they were being served by one of the companies included in the study.  Some electric utility brands were measured and ranked based on different regions served by the electric utility.  As a result, brands serving different regions can have multiple measures.

Alabama provides electricity to 1.4 million homes, businesses and industries in the southern two-thirds of Alabama.  Alabama Power is the second largest subsidiary of Southern Company.

As the 2015 Lifestory Research America’s Most Trusted Residential Electric Utility, Alabama Power produced a Net Trust Quotient Score of 112.0.  The other top 5 trusted residential electric utilities included in order were (2) Portland General Electric, (3) Southern California Edison, (4) National Grid (Upstate New York), and (5) Rocky Mountain Power.

The study, in its first year, evaluates attitudes from consumers who are residential customers of one of the largest consumer based residential electric utilities in the United States.  Trust is measured through the Lifestory Research Net Trust Quotient Score.  This score is based on the fundamental perspective that every organization’s customer can be divided into three categories: “advocates,” who feel a significant trust toward a given brand; “neutrals,” who trust a specific brand, but do not see a specific brand as standing on the shoulders of other brands in regards to trust; and “antagonists,” who are skeptics with little, if any, trust in a specific brand. Scores are standardized with 100 being equal to the overall average.  Scores can array above and below the 100 point average.

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