What are the most trusted brands in the home? Who are the most trusted builders, electric utilities, and home product manufactures? To answer the question of trust, Lifestory Research conducts a series of annual surveys among thousands of consumers to identify America’s Most Trusted® brands. Each of the brands assessed are related to one’s home, from purchasing a home to the products used every day in the home. The results from this series of studies represents the voice of the consumer.

In this program of research, we identify brand awareness, perceptions of quality, product satisfaction, product experience and opinions of trust. The program of research occurs throughout the prior 12 month time period in which participants are randomly drawn from American households. At the conclusion of the collection of the thousands of surveys, we analyze consumer responses and in turn publish the brand rankings within each category in the study.

We invite you to download the America’s Most Trusted studies to learn more about the specific study and results.