Lifestory Research is a trusted national independent market research firm. We take a consumer-centered approach to helping clients seeking to make decisions with complete and total confidence about consumer decisions.

Lifestory Research has been fortunate to work with a wide variety of clients from all sectors of the business world. While our history is rooted in residential real estate, our team has worked on everything from healthcare, hospitality, and education to manufacturing, outdoor recreation, and non-profits.

Lifestory Research is a research firm that identifies opportunities, barriers, viable product offerings, market potential, and price and product positions. The result is we help our clients create consumer driven experiences that enhance the lives of people, while also maximizing returns, minimizing risk and unlocking value for our clients.

Community Development

Insight for developers, builders, landowners, and investors

Home Building

Insight into home shoppers and home buyers

Home Products

Insight into home products from kitchens to laundry rooms

Energy Utilities

Insight for electric and gas utilities

Our Clients:


Lifestory Research has a broad experience in performing market research for clients. We have performed assignments in every major metropolitan market in the United States.

This breadth of experience exposes our team to a wide diversity of situations as well as many different consumer perspectives. This varied regional exposure provides our team members with a wealth of knowledge that enhances the value provided to our clients.

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